​​​Hi ! my name is Martin,

My Qualifications include: Certificate III Fitness Instructor, Certificate IV Personal Trainer, TRX Certified Level I & II Kettlebells, Active Kids Trainer Strength and Conditioning I.

I’ve been a personal trainer since 2007. I’ve been training in gyms since 2002 and have seen it and done it all. I’ve heard all the excuses and seen all the stalling techniques. 14 years applying different techniques has made me understand that there is no secret to being fit, healthy, slim, muscly, toned or athletic. People always ask for the secret, but I always assure them that there isn’t one. I’ve always got my clients best interests at heart and always aim to provide a true V.I.P service. Safety is my number one priority. I don’t take chances and I don’t task individuals with fancy exercises that some latest magazine or PT has come up with. I know what works as I’ve got countless testimonials to back this up.

My training style depends on what the client’s needs are. The needs are dependent on results and that’s what I strive for. As this career is results based its all that really matters as long clients are happy and injury free. Once again safety is my number one priority. My Interests: Family, friends and also my clients Taking care of my own health as I demand the best from myself, so that's why I demand the best from you Most sports Travelling Anything health related Music Good Food.

​Contact: 0406 868 119

Hi ! my name is Marco,

I have been a personal trainer since 2012, but my sporting background was in athletics. I was a sprinter where I competed at state level. While I was involved in athletics, I developed an interest in nutrition and healthy eating.

My specialty is helping people lose excess body fat and stay lean. As a Personal Trainer, I have found that the best way to lose body fat is through optimum nutrition combined with smarter eating and effective exercise.

​I would like to help you attain your ideal body weight and size and maintain it for life.

My qualifications include Certificate III Fitness, Cert IV Fitness ,EMT - Effective Movement Training, TRX Functional Training, First Aid & CPR.

Contact: 0403542940

Hi ! my name is Rebecca,

​​For over 14 years I have been treating people with lower limb and foot problems as a podiatrist in Private practice.

I am a qualified rehab trainer and am able to assess and evaluate injuries affecting the entire body and  work closely with allied health practitioners to achieve the best possible fitness and health outcomes for the client.

Other qualifications include; boxing, sports coaching and falls prevention.

My goal is to integrate the knowledge and experience I have gained with personal training to provide a holistic approach to health care.

My aim is to help people remain healthy and to transition clients back to a healthy lifestyle following injury.

       Facebook: @insteppersonaltraining

Contact: 0407063368